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Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's Over!!!!!!!!

As julle gewonder het hoekom ek nou eers iets skryf is dit omdat ek vandag eers my kop onder die komberse kon uit trek!!! Die teleurstelling is groot, maar nie in Nicky nie in myself ek wonder of nog 1 vote 'n verskil sou gemaak het.

Ek het eers deur 'n agressiewe mood gegaan. Dit is als IDOLS se skuld het gedink, met die wat die judges 49% stem kan he.

Elk geval ek het nou berusting gevind en weet dat ons meisie 'n ster gaan wees. Ek sal buitekant Musica kamp die aand voordat haar CD vrygestel word.

Nicky ons is baie lief vir jou en jy was definitief my Idol!

Wie gaan wen? Ek gee nie om nie!!! Nicky het klaar my hart gewen!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Great Songs

Nicky – ''It’s All Coming Back To Me'', Celine Dion;
''How Do I Live'', LeAnn Rimes
Karin – ''When I Need You'', Leo Sayer;
''I Have Nothing'', Whitney Houston
Gift – ''Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me'',
George Michael; ''Stuck On You'', Lionel Richie
V – ''Touch Me In The Morning'', Diana Ross;
''Rhythm of The Night'', Valeria
Also catch the Idols on Egoli tonight!!!

Request from Charl

Hi Guys!!! Charl asked me to post this.


Seeing that Nicky hev one of the smallest fanbase of the top4, I would like to make a statement!

Why did we vote for NICKY?


1. She was sassy
2. Sexy
3. Young talent
4. Amaizing personality
5. Phenominal stage persence
6. Extremely beutiful vioce
7. Took notice of her fans
8. An once again sexy!

People, Nicky are the only one left in the competition who still have these qualities... and the I ask, please vote for Nicky!!

There might be 2 going home next monday, and seeing that Nicky have one of the smallest fanbase's, she might be in danger!


People, if she had to leave, the competition will turn into a bunch who sings for old age home's, no raw, young telet left!

Wasn't it the purpose of the competition, To get young raw talent, and change them into superstars??

Thank you allA 1# Nicky fan!

Monday, November 14, 2005

And the there was 4......

Top 4 - Dankie aan vir die foto.
Nicky se ouers. - Dankie aan vir die foto


So Nicky is in to the semi-finals. Nevermind a wild card, she is a wild women!!!

Weereens dankie vir almal wat gestem het, onthou julle hou haar drome aan die gang!!!

Nicky in school uniform

I found this on Nicky's School's Web an their nick name for her is actually Vlooi.

Photo Courtesy of

Pics of Nix

Queen of the Ballad

Baie dankie vir Foto's : en

Wel Karen Zoid het duidelik Nicky se vertoning geniet, so dit kan net beteken dat sy fantasties was, maar toe sy Jewel se song gesing het was dit weer vir die derde week in 'n ry dat sy ons asems weg geslaan het met haar ongelooflike stem. Ek hoop dat Nicky die geleentheid sal kry om haar groot Idol, Kelly Clarkson se "A moment like this" sal kan sing, want ek dink dink sy sal amazing wees.

Moet net nie vergeet wat verlede week gebeur het nie. V was onder dit onderste helfte so haar fans het geskrik en Nhlanhla se fans doen ook als in hul vermoë om hom in te hou. So julle moenie dat ons vanaand skrik nie, hou aan stem. Moenie te gerus wees nie. Onthou dis ons girltjie se drome en dis in ons hande!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nicky performing at back of the moon.

You guys that lives in Gauteng are so lucky!!! Please us how the parties are and if you have any pics please tell me about it.

Picture Courtesy of home of Idols
Nicky's Song Choice

Karen Zoid - Small Room

Although I like Karen Zoid and I think Nicky will be able to pull it off, I do have my concerns.

You see 2 years ago there was this incident with Karen exposing her pubic hair at a show and that came in every news paper. That didn't make her popular with the older generation of Afrikaners at all. I know my dad cant stand her and actually calls her names. Well the Vrystaat is full of these people like my dad and he actually hales from there to, but I am sure Nicky will make the song her own and the older Afrikaners will see that maybe if they forget the hair incident and decide to listen to one other song then "Die Afrikaners is plesierig" which by the way they weren't very happy about aswell. They will see that most of Karens songs does the Boerebond, Vir volk en vaderland those type of stuff proud. So Nicky can actually help making peace between the Boere and Karen and I think if anyone can pull it of it would be our girl.

Jewel - Foolish Games

Actually I don't know this song at all. I do know that she sang it at her audition but I unfortunately missed that. It was only when Nicky sang Avril Lavigne's "Happy ending" in a group, when I noticed her. Anyway your comments are welcome on this song


You asked for a photo of Nicky with blonde hair and a pony this is the closest I could get

Beautifull Photo of Nicky

Dont you guys just love this photo?


Jissie outjies, het ek slegte nuus vir julle en ek bedoel dit. Julle kan maar ophou om love letters te stuur en troubeloftes te maak, want daar is kla 'n mannetjie wat Nicky se hart gesteel het. Sy naam is Carlo en hy is nie van plan om haar te laat gaan nie. Weereens ouens, SORRY!!!

Picture courtesy of

'n Groot dankie aan vir die volgende foto's. Besoek gerus die site.

* Nicky, Ferdie en sy vrou Colleen
* Nicky en 'n groepie bewonderaars

The contestants will be performing the following songs:

Nicky - Foolish Games - Jewel Small Room - Karen Zoid

Karin - Never Never - Shirley Bassey Never Too Much - Mary J Blige

Gift - You Remind Me - Usher End of the Road - Boyz II Men

V - I Turn To You - Christina Aguilera Work It Out - Beyonce

Nhlanhla - Here and Now - Luther Vandross Part Time Lover - Stevie Wonder

Courtesy of

Baie dankie aan vir die foto!!!

The little one herself?

I noticed a comment left on Nicky our Idol. Could it be that she visited us??? Or do we have somebody posing as Nicky???

Ek hou daarvan om te dink dit is sy.....

Picture Courtesy of

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Help me!

Hi Guys/Gals!

I need some help! I need suggestions to make the blog worthy. Suggestions on Poll questions. If you guys have any photo's of Nicky please tell me about it. Do you think we should make a time and discuss the above in the tag window?

Please comment.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pics of Nicky

Courtesy of

Nicky is in vir nog 'n week!!!!!!!

Picture courtesy of and

Congratulations Nicky!!!

Gisteraand se show is soos dit altyd moet wees, Nicky in die boonste helfte!

En ja ons Girltjie het tenminste 2 Plekke opgeskuif.

(Verlede week was sy en Ayanda in die onderste helfte saam met Marti en Dee)

M.a.w sy het definitief vir V en Nhlanhla vir by gesteek. Dit is net die begin.

Die grootste surprize van die aand en ek dink selfs vir ons was dat V onder Nicky le, ek het 'n verskriklike warm en satisfying gevoel binne my gekry. Nadat V en Karin by Nicky gaan staan het en V se foutjie reg gestel is.

Moenie my verkeerd verstaan nie, ek dink V sing mooi en als, maar sy moes net 'n bietjie humble pie gekry het. Anywayz feit bly staan Nicky is tops.

Ook baie geluk en dankie aan julle almal (inc. myself) wat so mooi gestem het.

Nicky sal ons weer haar kant die Sondag bring en ons sal maar net weer ons kant moet bring!!!

'n Wonderlike dag vir julle almal!!!

xxx Chanel

Nicky's Profile


Nicky de Lange Status: In

Age: 17
Starsign: Virgo
To vote for Nicky, call 086 22 777 07 or SMS 'Nicky' to 33676

She`s an endearing schoolgirl from Bloem with a whole lot of bounce and a big voice. With Kelly Clarkson as her Idol, whether she`ll scoop the same accolade in her own country remains to be seen.

Place of residence: Bloemfontein

Occupation: Grade 12 pupil

Favourite artist: Kelly Clarkson

Favourite previous Idols: (''Besides Kelly Clarkson?'') Heinz, Ezra

Hobbies: Loves food!

Formal training: None

Audition song: ''Foolish Games,'' by Jewel

Group stage songs: 'Unchained Melody,' by Gareth Gates; 'Since You've Been Gone,' by Kelly Clarkson

Top 12 stage - Millennium Hits: 'Try', Nelly Furtado

Top 11 stage - Number One Hits from the 90s: 'Crush', Jennifer Paige

Top 10 stage - Music from the movies: ''Searchin’ My Soul', Vonda Sheppard (Ally McBeal)

Top 9 stage - Viewers' Choice: 'What's Love Got To Do With It', Tina Turner

Top 8 stage - How It Should Be Done: ''My Immortal'', Evanescence

Top 8 stage - Music Video Hits: 'Just A Little', Liberty X

Top 6 stage - Judges' Choice: ''Underneath Your Clothes'', Shakira; ''Brass in Pocket'', The Pretenders
Picture and Profile Courtesy of
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